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What are Cream Chargers are Used for?

Cream Chargers Melbourne has jumped from one benefit to another since its invention in the mid-20th century. Chargers have the ability to inject pressurized nitrous oxide gas into a liquid and can aerate it safely. They can be used for a range of things but are primarily used in the food and drinks industry.

Besides being used for its professional capacity, cream chargers have become a very popular cooking tool in domestic kitchen settings. As more and more people learn to master the dessert preparations at home, the use of cream chargers will increase.

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Here are some of the major uses of Cream Chargers:

Whipped Cream

The most common application of a cream charger is to whip cream. When the N2O in a cream charger can is injected into cream, it reacts with the fats, gelatins, and stabilizing agents to create a foaming texture. As N2O is normally present in the air, it is easy to create whipped cream without a cream charger too, but it is a tedious job. Cream chargers can make whipped cream easily by hand without the use of any tools.

Mousses and Desserts

Chefs who spend time to make the perfect Mouse often know that it is a very difficult job to accomplish. Just like whipped cream, making mousse is the exact same science. The trick is to balance the amount of N2O to ensure the right amount of stiffness in the mousse. Using a cream charger to make mousse makes it a simple job and takes away all the hassle.


Foams are a very special addition to any cocktail. The traditional way of making them is to shake egg whiles in a shaker to create the foam. While it takes a lot of time and effort to create, cream chargers are an easy way to create them for cocktails. Moreover, egg whites are basically flavorless. A cream charger can add a little aroma and panache to the drink and improve your speed, which is important at any cocktail bar.

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Carbonated Drinks

Cream chargers operate on the simple principle as soda streams. While cream chargers use N2O, soda streams use CO2 for infusion. If you didn’t know, an empty can of cream charger can be filled with CO2 to create a cream charger to make delicious fizzy drinks of all flavors. These cream chargers can be used to make fruit drinks with a carbonated taste if you are looking for such a drink.

Wrapping Up!

Whippers and Chargers is one of the best places for you to buy Cream chargers Melbourne. We are a distributor for several renowned brands of cream chargers and provide door-step delivery services for our customers. Our brands include ISI, Mosa, SSES, etc.

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