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How does a Whipped Cream Dispenser Work?

Making your own whipped cream at home is one of the most satisfying feelings in your kitchen. To make whipped cream at home, all you need is thickened cream, a whipped cream charger N2O canister, and a whipped cream dispenser.

People in the kitchen often do not realize that you v=can make almost twice the amount of whipped cream with a whipped cream dispenser compared to your hand-whipped cream from the same amount of thick cream. The excess amount of whipped cream is one of the main reasons why coffee shops and bakeshops prefer using N2O cream whippers to make fresh whipped cream every time.

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Here are some of the important instructions that you need to follow to make the best whipped cream every time:

Quality Whipped Cream Dispenser

There are several brands of whipped cream dispensers in the market. All whipped cream dispensers have the same consistency with the quality of N2O but the model and design often after the efficiency of the dispenser. When buying a whipped cream dispenser, check for the best quality, sturdy materials, and better functions. There are three types of whipped cream dispenser models available in the market – plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. They also come in two sizes of 0.5L and 1L. The stainless steel 0.5L dispenser is best for all commercial uses and is one of the most popular choices.

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Quality Cream

The type of cream highly affects the type of whipped cream you are going to make. A high-quality cream has a higher fat content and is the main ingredient for making good whipped cream. Cream with 35% or more fat is suitable for making the best whipped cream. While light cream can be used, heavier cream makes the whip better and holds the shape for longer.

Quality N2O Charger Canisters

N2O or Nitrous Oxide is used as a whipping agent for whipped cream. The nitrogen reacts with the fats to make the cream whipped and fluffy in a cream dispenser. If you want to make high-quality whipped cream, never settle for the mediocre whipped cream chargers. Several low-quality whipped cream chargers have oils and metal shavings as impurities and can affect the taste of your whipped cream.

The standard size of a nitrous oxide canister for whipped cream is eight grams per cartridge. These cartridges are non-threaded and are suitable for all cream whipper models.

Some of the best manufacturers of whipped cream chargers are ISI, Mosa, etc.


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